I work with a range of clients from the world’s biggest companies to the smallest. From management consulting to tech to creative ad agencies to education to small digital outfits and not-for-profits (and everything in between).

What I’ve learnt is that we’re all the same. We’re people working hard to solve problems. And LEGO Serious Play helps. Scroll over the logos below to check out some of my work.

  • We took a team from Google through a collaboration workshop using LEGO Serious Play. This cross functional team developed unique insights to leverage each others talents and overcome organisational barriers to get sh*t done.
  • Worked with multiple teams across KPMG. On challenges such as communication issues, strategy and direction and sparking innovation across divisions. I’ve also trained members of the KPMG innovation team to use the LEGO Serious Play method.
  • A change management workshop. Lexus were going through a huge transformation internally. The half day session put those experiences on the table (literally) and the team were able to chart a meaningful way forward through massive change.
  • Teaching the Learning & Development team at EY in the use of the LEGO Serious Play method. As well as the co-founder of their design lab. Which takes c-suite level employees into a new space to tackle their most challenging problems. LEGO Serious Play has become one of the tools they use to make people think differently.
  • Teaching the LEGO Serious Play method to the User Experience Design Students at General Assembly. They use it for empathy and journey mapping, personas and as a problem solving tool for projects.
  • A LEGO Serious Play session for Edelman (the world’s largest PR company) on enhancing creativity and innovation within the strategy team. LEGO Serious Play is a tool they will use ongoing to spark new ideas internally and with clients.
  • A LEGO Serious Play session for the Australia Post recruitment team. They were a newly formed team and needed to collectively understand who they were (both individually and as a team) and their role in the wider organisation.
  • A LEGO Serious Play session for the Telstra Graduate Development team. We helped them develop their future direction and steps they needed to take to achieve that goal.