lsp in action!


Recent Clients:



  • At the end of a half day workshop, this happy group had built a shared model of their future team culture.
  • What role do you play in the new project? Connecting ideas, simplying and visualising, slaying the proverbial elephant in the room.
  • The deathly march of project issues coming to get you!
  • The long walk. Challenging the Lion. LSP is rich with powerful metaphors.
  • A company's vision. Moving from the right side with sharks and nets weighing them down. To the left side, the promised garden. Transparent bridges. Central model is the team in an elevated position scanning for opportunities.
  • A small company's starting vision to have everyone on board, driving in the same direction. Motion and alignment.
  • Diving in! A group using LSP to have an in depth conversation about where the company is headed.
  • A career journey. From left to right, starting off white with few skills. Progressively gaining colour, motion, height and fancy clothes. Until finally the gold at the top.