Two Tools to Enhance the LEGO Serious Play Experience

by Michael Fearne in Equipment

The LEGO brick might just be one of the most creative tools we humans have ever invented. And as Facilitators of LEGO Serious Play we see it work it’s magic every day.

But even like the strongest of super heroes, sometimes the LEGO brick needs a little help from friends. Today I’m going to talk about two tools that you can use to enhance the LSP experience.


A Better Post It Note?

We all know post it notes are great. Great invention, lots of uses, but they are so disposable and the ideas you put on them seem fleeting and temporary.

Enter Artefact Cards.

Fantastic little colourful cards I use in place of post it notes. They feel more substantial and the ideas you put on them feel real, feel solid.

In LEGO Serious Play workshops I get participants to record their insights on these little artefact cards. I’ve had so many comments about them, that I just needed to share them with you.

I’m in no way associated with Artefact Cards. Just a huge fan and would love to see more people use them.

Only downside is that they don’t stick to things. But you can solve that small problem with static sheets that then allow you to fling them on to a wall and make them stick!

These are not just for LSP sessions. Any workshop, meeting, or even just for yourself. They’re wonderful to write on and use and definitely peak people’s interest (“what something other than post it notes!?”).

Clear the Table!

Sometimes during a session you just need to get the LEGO off the table quickly.

That’s where the Lay n Go Cinch play mat comes in.

It saves so much time in workshops and while I’m travelling. I place 6 person’s worth of LEGO into one of the Lay n Go Cinch mats and put it into the middle of the table at a workshop.

Some LSP facilitators like to give everyone their own one person kit. I prefer to let people on the one table rummage around and discover the LEGO from a communal pile. That pile sits on the Lay n Go Cinch mat.

And when it comes time to do a group build or to pack up, ZIP! You pull the cord and in one motion it folds up nicely with all your LEGO inside. It also has straps so you can then sling it over your shoulder!

There are other brands around as well, so check out the style you like and make your pack up much easier next time.

So there you have it: Artefact Cards & Play Mats. Two tools you can use to make the LSP experience even better.

Thanks and see you soon for another article on LEGO Serious Play. Until then, play well!

Michael Fearne